In the following list you will find the best places to buy, sell and trade virtual currency, also known as crypto currency. Are you ready to join the crypto revolution?
Virtual Currency Exchange list

Binance  5/5
The biggest digital currency exchange in the world and by our experience simply the best one out there. With Binance you can buy and sell hundreds of crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and much more.
Kucoin  5/5
Kucoin is also a very good place to trade virtual currencies. It's pretty big, has an excellent user experience and regularly adds new tokens for trading.
COSS  1/5
COSS had a lot of promise back in the days, but as time went by it seemed they are just not up with the competition. Unfortunately for COSS, there are far better places to trade crypto.
Bitfinex  3/5
Bitfinex is a big digital currency exchange in the world. They offer good trading experience. However their name was associated with a crypto scandal about their own issued coin, named Tether. For that reason only, we less recommend using their services.
Poloniex  4/5
Poloniex is yet another Virtual currency exchange. It's pretty big in terms of usage and volume. It has a nice user experience, and offers a pretty wide verity of tokens.
Changelly  4/5
Changelly exchange platform offers smooth user experience and tries to bring you the best prices for your crypto trading.
What is virtual currency?
Virtual or digital currency is currency that only exists on a computer or on the Internet.

What can I do with virtual currency?
You can pay with it online for products or online services. Or you can save it so that it increases its price in the future, same as with ordinary currencies.

Where can I buy virtual currencies?
At the top of the page, you'll find the biggest and best digital currency exchanges in the world.

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